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Women’s Clothes

Modern women clothes at very fair prices, accessible to everyone, anel clothes are being designed and produced in Greece since 1998 always keeping up with fashion trends. The fabrics and the materials we use are carefully chosen and of excellent quality.

You may visit today one of anel shops and you may find our clothes in over 50 shops all over Greece. Women’s clothes Anel are available for wholesale in showrooms in Athens and Thessaloniki.



Party dress, professional meeting or just a shopping walk or a coffee with your friends: For any situation, in our Dresses Collection you will surely find what you are looking for! Modern Patterns, made of high-quality materials for looks that will impress you and the people around you. Visit our shops today and make an Anel Dress purchase at decent prices.

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Modern Anel women’s tops in total harmony with the latest fashion trends! In our stores, you will find decent prices with the combination of high quality and this is because we produce all of our clothes in Greece! Find your own top through a huge variety of colors and styles and enjoy the Anel high quality any hour.



Women’s Shirts

The latest trend of Women’s Fashion is the hipster and this, apart from anything else, demands an addition to our warehouse: shirts with embroidered collars. Νο, you don’t need to open your grandma’s wardrobe! Anel is a loyal follower of the latest fashion trends and offers you a unique collection of modern women’s shirts of high quality and decent prices!

γυναικεια μοδα ελληνικα ρουχα πουκαμισο

Women’s Jackets

Soft romantic jackets or warm fur jackets? Whatever you are looking for, you will surely find it through our big variety of jackets in Anel. Enjoy great creations in unique patterns and colors and take advantage of our decent prices. Modern jackets of high-quality designed especially for you.


Women’s Coats

The latest trends this year demands fur and Anel is loyal to following the latest fashion trends, offering unique creations with fur -and without! Wonderful warm women’s coats for any hour. Big variety of colors and modern design, ideal for warming any woman. High-quality coats of Greek Production.


Women’s Clothes Wholesale

At ANEL, we consider our partners important, so we choose our wholesale partners carefully. If you have a clothing store, take advantage of our unique offers and very attractive wholesale prices and enter our partners’ network. Our aim is to be your first choice whenever you look for a women’s clothes supplier and we work very hard to reach that. Subscribe online today and make your order through a big variety of women’s tops, shirts, skirts, women’s coats, dresses, women’s trousers, and jackets.

γυναικεια μοδα ελληνικα ρουχα

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