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Women’s Clothes

Modern women’s clothes affordable to all! ANEL’s clothes are designed and produced in Greece since 1998 according to the latest fashion trends.

We carefully select all the fabrics and materials we use, making sure they are of high quality. You can find our clothes in one of ANEL’s stores as well as in more than 50 selected stores across Greece. ANEL’s women clothes are also available for wholesale distribution. You can visit our showrooms in Thessaloniki or Athens.

Women’s Skirts

No matter your style, business or casual, an ANEL skirt should always be part of your garment.

You can choose your ideal skirt ANEL from a great selection of colors and styles. Short, long, pencil, glamorous or pleated we have the right skirt for you! ANEL is synonym to high quality combining unique design with low prices.

Women’s Dresses

Party dress, business attire or just shopping with girlfriends? Whatever the case, you can find your ideal dress from our amazing collection!

Beautiful dresses made from high quality fabrics will make heads turn wherever you make an appearance. Visit one of our stores today and make yours an ANEL dress in a very reasonable price.

Women’s Tops

Fashionable women’s tops by ANEL in perfect harmony with the latest fashion trends. We produce our clothes in Greece

and this is why our clothes are of such a high quality and affordable. Choose your top from a huge selection of colors and styles and enjoy our high quality clothes at any time!

Women’s Shirts

Hipster is fashion’s latest trend and above all it requires to add to our garment shirts with knitted collars! Fear not!

You don’t have to dig your grandmother’s trunk! ANEL, loyal to the latest fashion trends, offers you a unique selection of high quality and stylish women’s shirts in low prices!

Women’s Jackets

Soft and romantic women’s cardigans or warm furry jackets? Whatever you are looking for you will definitely find it in our big selection of ANEL jackets!

Enjoy our unique style and design in many colors and affordable prices. Modern jackets, using only the best materials, designed just for you!

Women’s Coats

Fashion this year commands fur and ANEL always loyal to fashion trends is offering you amazing coats with…and without fur!

You can see our great selection of coats, in many colors and styles ready to keep you warm all the times! Women’s coats of high quality, designed and produced in Greece.


At ANEL we pay great attention to our wholesale partners and this is why we carefully select them. If you have a clothes’ store, why don’t you become one of ANEL’s partners today and benefit from attractive wholesale prices and offers? Our goal is to become your first point of contact when looking for a women’s clothes wholesaler and we are working very hard in order to achieve this. Register today online and place your order from a huge selection of women’s tops, women’s shirts, skirts, women’s coats, dresses, women’s trousers and women’s jackets!

Our online store is only live for B2B sales for the time being and not for retail consumers. You can also reach us by phone, should you prefer to speak to our wholesales team directly. Our telephone numbers are 2310508423-4 for Thessaloniki and 2110117880 for Athens. Finally you can visit one of our two wholesale showrooms in Athens and Thessaloniki. ANEL Fashion, is always loyal to the fashion trends, offering to its clients unique women’s clothing of high quality, with modern design and low prices. You can see our collection online but you can also find our clothes in selected stores across Greece.

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